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What the project ‘IMAGINE’ is about.

Walk the World
Peaceful Warrior

Project 2012-2013

Walk with a stranger, make a new friend.

My name is Peaceful Warrior, and I am going to try to save the world…!

In reality what I am initially proposing here is to go out and walk approximately 3000 miles around Britain and walk with and meet people at grass roots level and find out what they want from life, and what they are prepared to do to get it. I hope to share an experience with them, in their own environments and learn what it was, is and could be, to be part of our once ’Great’ nation.
Our ‘United’ Kingdom, which has let that ideal slip somewhat, is I see, as many other countries in a state of panic. But what shall we do to save the way of life we once thought so very important, that we fought two world wars over? We have here a very diverse nation of people who seem unable to see clearly how to communicate effectively and are thus relying on others to sort this out for them. Our politics cannot legislate for peace. We need to be the peacemakers, if we would have harmony and happiness brought into our lives.
To do this I hope to start both a documentary and a website dedicated to letting us all share our ideas and witness the level of commitment being shown behind the scenes as it were, by unsung hero’s who are keeping our nation together by a thread. I hope that televised documentary footage will give each and every one of us a better understanding of each other and the diversity of our communities. I hope to highlight what we could do both individually and collectively, to turn the tide of apathy and despondency and become doers of the work needed to build ourselves into a strong united nation once again. Singularly, little will change in a hurry, together we could move mountains. Unity is powerful!

I also aim to raise in excess of £50,000 directly for charity to help sponsor more care for the less able and less fortunate, predominantly children and the homeless with all funds sent directly via website links. The walk would take approximately a year and although I would have basic financial needs to be met (food and shelter) I would be asking for no wages or fees for my time or the work done in this endeavour.

This is where I will need your help. In order for this project to reach a successful conclusion I ask that you or your organisation contribute a charitable donation to this venture. If possible I also ask for sponsorship or practical help in other areas such as publicising, fund raising, filming, assistance with my basic living costs or simply walking with me. Your ideas and comments would be highly valued. In return, I will do as much to repay that charity and goodwill as possible, by way of free advertising on my website, and acknowledgements in the film footages. I am not a professional film maker but will happily do the main part of the footage myself with a lightweight video capturing device that I will carry in my backpack. Or I could get people in the towns and places I walk to make video footage of our encounters, that could then be used as the documentary basis. Again, sharing being the optimum aim of this project. (Film Crew G.B.)

It has been my experience that walking gives us time, to review all the events that shaped the way we are individually and collectively in society. Sharing this experience with as many people who care to come on a daily basis would I believe help society get the answers to the problems we are presently facing. Unlike politics which seems to want to work from the top down as a separate entity, I hope to push from the bottom up, an ordinary man, meeting with ordinary people.

Gandhi once said. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

This is what I am attempting to do and be with regards the project at hand and my life in general. I therefore chose the name Peaceful Warrior to better describe, not who I was, but who I am and who I choose to be.
With your dedicated help and support, I believe we can together, put the ‘Great’ back into Britain, and be pioneers for lasting peace. It won’t happen over night of course, but at least we can make progress.

I have put together a more comprehensive idea of my aims and proposals for the project ‘IMAGINE. Walk with a stranger, make a new friend.’ If you reached this point keen for it to work then please ask for further details, or read the full prospectus on the website or blog. If not, I will miss your support but please, pass it on, your help in sharing this message will be of great value to its success.

Please feel free to contact me directly or read my web/blog pages, leaving your comments.

Email me at :- 1peacefulwarrior1@gmail.com
Read :- Caminosofpeacefulwarrior.blogspot.com
Or my poetry :- Imaginethepoetnations.blogspot.com

Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Love, Peace, Harmony.

Peaceful Warrior.
‘Peoples poet, man of peace.’


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