Dan Millman

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Dan Millman

Dan Millman


Dan has been a huge inspiration to both me and possibly several million other people, and I wish only to acknowledge the contribution he has made towards opening peoples hearts, minds and increasing the flow of good energy into the world. His book ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ is an amazing insight into the world on inner transformation, where he is challenged to throw out the trash and become, all that he dreamed he could be. It is a very moving account of triumph over weakness of spirit, when the young Dan finally breaks the bonds of the fear he had carried and reaches for a warriors mantle.

His cannon of work is impressive. Please take a look at his website, and see just what inspiration you may take from the projects that he is currently working on.

Dan in my case is the original inspiration for me to become Peaceful Warrior, in name and in deed, and I pray that I can do my utmost to show respect to him for that encouragement to strike out and be other than I had been.

I know that Dan would hope that we all became peaceful warriors, and treat others with love and respect, for the good of all people living, and this is a dream I share too. Please take a look at the many youtube clips of Dan and his teachings and the ways in which he promotes peace and goodness and a balanced lifestyle. And please get a copy of  Way of the Peaceful Warrior and learn just how wonderful it can be to see life as it really is.

Dan is a genuine, living Peaceful Warrior.

Dan Millman






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