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Warriors for the near future

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Warriors for the near future

Warriors in training.



Who of us feels like a warrior? It is not likely to be an easy task, though the way of things these days often seems to exalt ‘taking the easy option’ and regarding that with merit. What if I were to say that we are in fact, all warriors in training?

Being a warrior especially for peace is a battle with the forces of society, prejudice and politicians who keep telling us, ‘theirs is the only way.’ As if the past has not shown us that mankind cannot really offer a sensible approach to prosperity and fairness for all. We have survived so many horrible wars over the centuries only to go on perpetrating more and more everywhere across the globe. Has it not occurred to any of the world leaders that it is the ordinary people that are suffering the most, because they go unheard beneath the quest for more and more wealth and power for themselves. Sure they make big promises about doing all they can for us for society and fairness, but what about taking a pay cut. What about asking the bankers and big bosses to give back some of the money they have stashed in offshore accounts, and repopulate the economy that they have ruined in a quest for more. What about saying no to the oil sheiks that demand more for the oil they say belongs to them. Has their greed no limits? How many material things does one person need whilst the poor of society are having their homes repossessed, losing their jobs, or having to take bigger and more pay freezes and cuts.

If you ask a working class person what liquidity is, what market forecasts are, what long term growth analasis means, won’t he just say that he cannot understand how a loaf of bread has doubled in price over the past few years? That to get to work if they are lucky enough to still have a job, now cost an extra ¬£15 to fill up the tank to go to a job that earns less money? And wont he/she the ordinary working person also say, that the austerity should not start with them and the services they need, but with the ones responsible for causing the debt crisis in the first place?

O.K. maybe this view is all too simplified. But what is the future for our children going to be, when we have made such a huge mess of not only the financial state of the world, but the state of the planet and the Eco systems too? I am concerned just what they will inherit as our legacy. I look at my nieces and nephews and wonder just what they make of this mess, when all they want to do is share what they have and let love grow. Have you watched your kids recently and admired their cleverness, their resourcefulness and their simplistic way of eliminating the unnecessary problems. They find lying and trickery unjust and a source of great distress, they always notice when you are not being straight with them. What are we leaving behind for them to inherit and deal with?


I believe that these little people are the chance we have to reveal the truth of our purpose here on earth, and restore it to a place where fairness and equality are the foundations of civilization, rather than the exceptions. Look into the eyes of these tiny future warriors and tell me you see desire to continue the way we have been for millenia. I believe that they are our hope and the reason we should now review our current situation with more than a passing glance of optimism. Stop please, and think about what we can do, each one of us, to make the present and the future better for them and for us all.


Please watch the video link below and give a silent moment to reflect upon what it means to our children and all humanity if we fail to pay attention. And also be aware that this video is a few years old.


Severn Suzuki

(Eco Warrior)


Jeffrey Star

(Indigo Child)


 Peaceful Warrior.


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