Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)

Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley)

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley)

2nd Installment of Through the Mirandoor.

MIck Claassen

Blogs I’ve been reading and enjoying.

Blogs I’ve been reading and enjoying.

Book Reading

Book Reading

Severn Cullis Suzuki

Severn Cullis Suzuki

Warriors for the near future

Warriors for the near future

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim

Blogs I’ve been reading and enjoying.

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Blogs I’ve been reading and enjoying.

Great blogs/websites


This is the website of a young man who took his destiny by the scruff of the neck and persisted in forward movement. I hope that it gives you a sense of courage to continue even when the road seems impossible. Well done Matt, and thank you for being an inspiration to many people. The world needs more like you….



It’s Always Something…

Maverick of a weird, but wonderful family. Have managed to stay alive for an astounding 84 years kept alive by a passionate interest in many things and a sense of humor. Have led 2 or 3 separate lives,the first 40 years as a starving artist, ceramist, and graphic designer. At age 40 a matchbook cover that said “Be A Computer Programmer” inspired me to go back to school and emerge as a binary fanatic. Loved my work, had a wonderful 20 year career as programmer and trouble shooter. At the same time I had the chance to meet, befriend and marry Jazz Cornetist Pete Daily,an idol of my youth, whom I had worshipped in my young life. Lost him to cancer after 11 wonderful (and sometimes awful) years. Retired in 1989 and had 20 years of fantastic travel adventures all over the world. Now I crochet afghans, tend my garden, my 3 cats, the neighborhood birds and squirrels, a flock of voracious hummingbirds and assorted wildlife like possums and raccoon families who come nightly to my Porch Buffet. A great life, and it ain’t over yet !….(after all, I have just discovered Blogging….)





Just Jane

I’m a 30-something serial blogger, serially single, and addicted to cereal. I live in Colorado with a fabulous partner and 1 adorable guerrilla terrorist cat. Reliable sources tell me I do not have enough cats to qualify as a crazy cat lady but I’m aspiring. I’m all about randomosity, miscellany, and movie quotes. I don’t have any television channels thus this blog will likely not be about television generally speaking and mostly random ramblings of an aspiring cat lady who is cool (uh…my mom says).

And this is what I said to the Drinking Made Easy folks to get them to agree to post my articles:Jane is a 38-year-old singular sensation living in the heart of Denver, CO where the dive bars are plentiful and within walking distance. Founder of the Denver branch of the Church o’ Brunch and the Duck My Puppy Cake and Cocktails Club, Jane is always looking for tasty ways to bake liquor into a cake. When she’s not searching for the bottom of the bottomless mimosa, she’s questing for the ultimate Malbec. She likes her wine dry, her gin dryer, and her scotch neat.




 This is one of many blogs written by a young American woman living in Germany, who is keen to share her writing of life the universe and just about everything to do with the reading/writing experience. Oh and she is quite passionate about everything, which is wonderful to see. Why not take a few minutes to enjoy her blogs too.







Thank you Celeste, and keep blogging your vibrancy for life.

Her blogs


In Amy’s words.

A blog about the joys and pains (mainly the pains) of wanting to be a writer. A comedy screenwriter, in my case. But I suspect my work won’t be making it to a TV or cinema screen any time soon, so I’m happy to make do with your computer screen in the meantime.

Whilst investigating this blog I found her style of wit rather amusing, and found myself getting carried away laughing, tears rolling down my face. I hope you enjoy it too. Many thanks Amy for a beautiful comical satirical style.

My Photo


   Amy’s Blog.


My Own Poetry Corner

All about Ruth’s poetry.

As with most great things, I happened upon the blog of another poet whilst surfing the net. I am always keen to read what others write, poetry especially, and here I found a real surprise of creativity. I have no idea if it is a new concept, but it was new to me. I thoroughly enjoy reading her new material, more to be forthcoming she promises, so just have a look and see what you make of her delivery style which I think adds something extra to the poems. I am hoping to perhaps try and emulate her particular prose method as an experiment into newer territory.

Enjoy her poetry @ http://wildernesschicpoem.blogspot.com/


Art-by JAK

I am a forty-something woman and I have only just decided that my art work is worthy of viewing by other people, not just my family and friends. It’s not that I don’t think of my family and friends as ‘other people’ whose opinions are valid, it’s just that those close to you are not always your best critics and let’s be honest they don’t really want to hurt your feelings do they? I am not arrogant enough to believe that my work is brilliant and I am the next ‘big thing’ but I have now reached an age where I think ‘what the hell’. Well, that and the fact that my ego is no longer as fragile as it used to be in my youth. If what I do is not your cup of tea then I will not be offended. I paint and draw in various styles and although I use visual references for some of my more realistic artwork I do not directly copy anything from a photograph or real life, it all comes from my head and sketches. I have started this blog to share my passion and to share my work with those who I hope will enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoy producing it.

From what I’ve seen so far of her drawings, she has a talent and I hope that you all enjoy it too.



Bang 2 write/write here write now.

Lucy V is an interesting young lady who seems inspired to get more people writing and help them find better success. I love this web site and her blogs, for they are very productive and conducive to helping everyone with tips and techniques for overcoming blockages and potential barriers to success with their writing. Please read for yourselves all about Lucy and her projects, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Girls on Film.

Bang2write Script reading service.

Main Website.


The Domesticated Bohemian.

In Philip’s own words.

I have some stories to tell. Some of them are fact, some of them are fiction. Some might be funny, some might be sad. I’m interested in memory and how we are shaped, how we change, and how we make our way. I’m proud to be part of an informal group of bloggers who support each other and know about the importance of stories.

Why Bohemian? Well (and all of this is true) in the past: my childhood bedroom was covered in black mould, I had TB, my father threatened to kill me with a knife (twice). I used to hear voices when I was a kid. I was a card carrying anarchist. I edited a national anarchist paper. I was once followed round by special branch as they thought I was a risk to royalty. A friend of mine who was a talented artist and musician took his own life. I spent a lot of time hanging round with musicians and other ne’er do wells. All my best stories come from a schizophrenic called Alan.

Why Domesticated? Well I’m lucky enough to be married to Sharon. She’s my rock and I am hers. We have a stepdaughter Megan who lives with us. She dances and sings a lot. I’m proud to say I helped her learn how to bake. I’ve got an allotment and spend half my time there. We live in a little cottage in Shoreham – the best place in the world. I’ve got an informally adopted son (it’s complicated). I’ve got a season ticket for a non league football team (The mighty Bromley FC).

I still believe that musicians, writers and artists are the most important people in the world.

About Philip’s blog.

I have read so many stories here it’s hard to pick my favourite, but there are plenty of genres and styles to choose from. If you are down and need building up, why not let this lyrical wizard from the Darenth Valley uplift you and set you back on the road to smiling once more.

Keep up the good work Philip…

Philip’s Blog.


A Little Light in London.

I have been reading with mixed emotions about this writers ability. She is indeed a good story teller and a revealer of truths that we all should take review over. But one of the stories was quite sad and yet I wanted to laugh even though I knew the situation she was describing was pretty awful for the person involved in the scenario/story. I guess that it made me reflect on how we get to be in certain situations and how we might have avoided them. I know it is a bit odd, but sometimes we laugh at death as if to say “you don’t frighten me”.

Then I read about the MUG.What a great tale, and what an intuitive boyfriend.!! What a great funny little story.

Well done Lizzie.

Lizzie’s Blog.


Random Acts, Bobby Stevenson

Site addy; http://randomactsstories.blogspot.com/

This is one mans showcase of his talents in screen writing, poetry, and short stories. Please take a look at the diversity of Bobby’s skill set. He is also an actor and has been in some short films, and done a bit of singing from what I can make out. A good all rounder then, and a funny writer.



 Jeremy Vine Page

I really enjoyed looking at the web page for Jeremy Vine. BBC Radio 2 Current affairs topics show page.

Whilst reading I came across this poetry angle, that has surprisingly good coverage and an interesting portrayal of how to create an original work. See what you think of Mr Gee’s Poetry class…


Well done Mr Gee.

Well done Jeremy, for your continued commitment to sharing good news items.


One Witch’s Wonderland


This is the site and blog of a proud pagan, but don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions based upon fear of that word or what it conjours in your mind. Sabrina is a wonderful person with a balanced mind, a mother, friend, wife, carer for others and a friend of Peaceful Warrior. She has some very good ideas and has done a lot to support the less fortunate and needy. I can assure you that it will be good reading.

Big love to you Sabrina.


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