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MIck Claassen

Mick is the first person to have made a definite commitment to walking a stage with me. We still have to decide when and where as it may be some months away still, But it is a positive start. Thank you Mick for the courage to be first. I look forward to hearing all about your story, your hopes and dreams so that the viewing public can also get to know what a great and yet simple guy you are.

Mick is a shift worker at a bread warehouse in Rugby, and drives a stand on forklift T20.

I observe that it is a pretty mundane job, but it keeps Mick in employment and able to share his time with his nieces nephews and family.

His Hobbies are: TBA
Dream Holiday destination:
Age group: 30′s


Please note. This is a brief account, and shall be added to as soon as possible, and serves as a template of what the possible format may be for future walking partners.


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