What connects Imagine to Shelter and the Homeless ?



Well firstly, I already support this charity myself with a regular monthly donation.

I believe that they are promoting a very worthy cause, supporting and giving to the Nation and the world to help make it a better and more fair place to live.

I would further hope that this charity will come to see my aims as helpful to their great work and become likewise involved in sharing in the IMAGINE project too.

I hope that as a result of all our combined efforts we can one day eradicate the need for this type of charity, replacing it with a fair and non-prejudicial type of support and sharing between human beings.

I suppose we all say that we want this, but can we also say with the same conviction that WE are doing enough to make it happen? I hope to help them (All charities I support) to help us all, to realise that without better ties and more unity, we will inevitably suffer for longer and in more tribulation as a society/race/civilization than if we get on with putting it right.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look and see how they are helping, and how you could help in return, with ways other than solely giving money. I for one am glad that they are doing something, anything, rather than sitting around waiting for someone else to do it. May the love of God, the Universe or whatever motivates you, reward your kind heart and giving actions.

Here is the link to my just giving page, so if this is your chosen charity to donate to, click on the link below.




Peaceful Warrior.