Disclaimer about Peaceful Warrior.


For all the lawyers, legal beavers and people who seem to insist upon long worded explanations that hardly any ordinary person  actually understands, I’m sorry. But I am going to spell it out in terms that children can get. Get my drift…? Phat….! Booyaka….!

I have never been accused of a crime against children, older people, or the less abled or vulnerable, and am happy and willing to make sure I have been C.R.B. checked before I have any involvement with these groups on a project level. (For purposes of this project) This is one of my current projects underway.

I had a check done about 9/10 years ago when I was working for a care agency in Watford Hertfordshire. I worked with children at the Radlett Lodge School, and with many vulnerable adults in care facilities. Nothing has changed in either my behavioral patterns nor my regard for the care of children’s welfare, what has changed is my resolve to do more to support these groups and organisations that support them.


As you will be aware by now, (I hope) that I decided to change my name officially by Deed Pole Services. I have no associations with my former name, Andrew Lawrence Franklin Gardiner, that I am trying to hide from or avoid. It was simply a matter of choice. I chose this name Peaceful Warrior, which is one complete name, to better describe the person I am and want to be.

I hope that you can see from my efforts to spread the ideas of ‘peace,’ that there is nothing to fear at all, except the fear of becoming tainted yourselves with my positive attempt to share peace love and harmony through out the whole wide world.


As a way of raising revenue for the project I sponsor, it is true that some funds will need to be made available for me to begin and complete it. I have to sell part of my soul to the devil of course, (apology for any inference that the devil is bad, as is my humour) which means getting some sponsors on board whom in return will expect advertising platforms. This will come primarily in the form of space on my website. Whilst I am happy to repay their generosity with space to advertise their own products, Peaceful Warrior reserves the right not to be directly associated with the products, nor the company. Every effort will be made on the part of Peaceful Warrior to manage the content being displayed but he will not be responsible for Non-Peaceful Warrior Web content.


As you may be aware, it is an aim of all my present and future projects, to raise huge sums of money for the Charities I personally already support. I am also hoping to allow into the fold other charities that I feel are doing something positive towards the aims of the Imagine project. As with the advertising, though I hope to be working with these charities to raise money for their causes, Peaceful Warrior remains a separate entity and therefore is not directly connected to the endeavors of these organisations. Indirectly of course Peaceful Warrior is hoping to raise so much money, that there is no child, homeless person or disadvantaged person that is in dire straits for want of services and support.


Peaceful Warrior is actually just like everyone else, he has his good days and off days, bad hair days too. He hopes that during the course of the Projects ahead he will be able to  tame his over zealous attitude towards everything negative and harmful to the efforts for peace love and harmony being able to flourish. Peaceful Warrior for the purpose of the project Imagine, hopes to remain neutral and non-judgemental towards any comments raised. This is of course what Imagine is about, sharing views opinions and ideas about how we can make things more effective in a drive towards peace and harmony in our society, whilst tolerating the views opinions and ideas of everyone else. It is NOT however His desire to cause arguments, nor any civil disobedience towards the governing establishments, whatever his personal views of those institutions or individuals. As a man of peace His aims are to remain a pacifist and use non violence in his attempts to raise awareness of matters of national, and global importance.

It has been the attempt of Peaceful Warrior to explain in simple terms, openly the goals and intentions set out here. If you feel there are elements that he has missed or that should be disclosed here, please feel free to let him know.

I am a herald, this tiny Robin, and a  messenger.