Welcome to this section.

It is my aim to use the power of words to reach as many people as I can. My actions I pray will not belie the truth I hold in my heart to see us all live in a united and peaceful way, if not today, then tomorrow and for ever more.

In the meantime here are some of the ways in which poems and songs may bring you closer to understanding the ideals I and so many others very much believe in. Words have always been used as a tool of power, so please don’t be deceived, keep your hearts open to the essential truth contained in them.

Take a look at the poetry links and please send me yours or recommend something you like that will inspire us all. If it has a peace theme all the better. I am trying to build a huge cannon of works here but happily link in other poetry sites as the sharing is a key feature of my aims here.

The link to my songbook is a token of the poems I have adapted in the hope that they could be made into songs someday. I have no skills with musical adaptation, though I have a good ear for what sounds good, so am hoping that maybe you could help me with this and we can share the rewards.

Here’s to hoping that you enjoy the links and the projects we can follow together, to bring more harmony amongst people both here in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.


Peace Love and Harmony.

Peaceful Warrior.