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I was born December 1965 on the other side of the globe, whilst my father served in the R.A.F. stationed in Singapore. Brought up with some pretty common value systems, where religion was preached rather than taught. Grandparents who thought children should be seen and not heard, and disciplined with the rod of iron. (Or at least a coat brush) I became disillusioned with the reality of this life very early on and have subsequently spent more than 25 years trying to make sense out of the ideas about what life should be about for an adult.
Whilst I try daily to be a better man, I am aware that during my past, numerous errors have been made on my part, in the pursuit of experiences. Some I will never revisit, others I can remember with more fondness. Like for most people, my learning came through actual experience, but I now realise fully that without pain, no pleasure could have been known. Without loss, I could not have appreciated the gift of gain. And without sadness and misery, I would definitely not have known the blessing of happiness or joy.
Whilst I had been given at birth a ‘Christian’ name and inherited my parents’ surname, I recently resolved to permanently adopt and officially use my chosen name, ‘Peaceful Warrior’, which is in fact one complete name. It is broken down as first and second on official documentations solely to meet with some degree the officialdom of the government monitoring. I have no bad memory or ill affection towards that given name, my changing it is about my freedom to choose. Though predominantly that same person, personal choice dictated that I now reflect not who I was, but who I am and who I want to be.
I believe that it is the ‘right’ of every man woman and child, to have choice, particularly about who we want to be, and therefore create who we want to be. Life is an on going process of choosing, and our personal evolution is dependant upon those decisions of choice. As an idea of this I looked at the examples set, that I wished to adopt and emulate to some degree in my determination to be a more proactive person.
Gandhi, a man recognised as a seeker of personal choice and a person disposed to amazing acts of random kindness once said.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
I believe this is, and will be the only way to see any real and lasting progress towards peace, happiness and harmony in our lives.
In fact any and all renowned wise men, prophets and truth tellers throughout history have said that was also their belief and lived in harmony with those beliefs. There are too many to name them all, but if you think for a moment you surely know at least one.
With regards to the project I present, I will give my total commitment, my personal integrity, for to do less would be for me to deny who I am. I would not only dishonour myself but the many examples being set out by my personal hero’s. Some of whom are still very much alive and helping to change the world for the good.
I sincerely hope that you see in me the bearer of a message towards openness, sharing and unity. Someone who seriously wants to put effort into deeds that benefit us all. And I reiterate, I am looking to receive no wages or fees as payment towards this venture should you want to go ahead and support me. I obviously will have needs to be met by way of supporting myself financially during the walk, paying for meals and accommodations etc. and hope to meet those by fund raising or one off donations to me personally. This is what I am presently doing in the hope of realising my dream to start and complete the project, but happily accept any and all suggestions and or help in this regard.

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