Contributors to the project Imagine.

This is where you shall find lists and information about the many people/companies/organisations whom contribute directly to the project in the form of financial aid and supply of either goods or services. Why not find out how your efforts could benefit both the Imagine project initially and your own place in the cooperation of our joint participations, by getting in touch without delay.

It is my genuine intention to repay this contribution with as much advertising and recognition as is possible and many links to your web-pages, blogs and advertising media or links with relevant sponsors too. The project will move slowly without your help, and I am happy to greece the wheels of promoting your business too. As my aims are sincerely to advocate peace and a fresh look at what we can do to open up further channels of communications between all peoples of the United Kingdom initially, I have to be very careful about sponsoring and advocating things that go against my goals. I wont be advertising guns for example, or any product or service that advocates cruelty and or suffering to anyone, human or animal.

So get in touch, be amongst the first to give your support and get the ball rolling for all our benefits.

In advance, I offer my unreserved thanks for your commitment to act in harmony with this project ‘Imagine’s’ goals.

Peaceful Warrior.