Film Crew Great Britain.

This is an idea that came to me, to fill the potential shortfall created by a current lack of Professional Documentary Makers being on board with the project Imagine.


With the current availability of video capturing devices in the world, particularly phones, it has made sense to adopt new ways to gather information and share it. You-tube is a clear indication of this trend, as too is the recent adaptation of News companies accepting content from individuals who take instant video of news breaking item and other things of general interest. Such as the Tsunami of last year in Japan, and the cat in the bin episode.

So why not me? I think that this will be a great way to involve more people who obviously have interests and talents for capturing and sharing this vital information technology. You the great British public can be directly involved with taking and sharing footage that will in itself play a huge part towards the aims of the Imagine project. A dedicated public sending me the clips to propagate the video gallery, will be invaluable in the instant way that we can all witness the progress of the Imagine project’s findings. I will happily give all relative credit to the person/group taking and offering me the footages, both via You tube and or other media.

As you hopefully will be aware, talking with the great British nation and sharing those encounters are a big part of the aims of Imagine. What better way to keep everyone up to date with who said what and when. It is not my aim for people to become famous, like celebrities, but if the footages show the genuine motivations, dreams and aspirations of people, then I do hope that their kindnesses and acts of dedication be recognized. And if they feel good as a result of the praise they receive, what harm will have been done?

I very much look forward to working with you all in our joint efforts to share the Imagine project and the feel good factors coming from meeting the real hero’s of our society, who are keeping it together with their goodwill, happiness and sharing caring ways.


Video Gallery.