Peace in our time.


I am sincerely hoping that you will contribute to this section if you are involved in, or want to suggest another project that could benefit from some extra coverage. Like the Imagine project, I am sure there are many things underway to sponsor more love peace and harmony in the world, but I have not yet become aware of them directly, and will gladly support them here, to share the love and attempts to rid the world of negativity and hatred.

One of the primary aims of Imagine, is to get everyone talking about peace again. It has never really gone away of course, but it would not hurt to get the volume up a bit…. Back in the 1960′s there was a well recognised attempt to kick start the peace initiatives. Woodstock and the flower power peace movements predominantly the voices that were being heard then. The violence and wars of South East Asia were bloody cruel and taking lives of young men and women from every side of the fighting factions. We have similar predicaments presently with Iraq and Afghanistan. What was really gained by these wars? The same as ever. No real peace, and no trust between the countries involved. Stalemate, as who could really talk about winners and losers, with the amount of deaths and casualties incurred.

I say, lets try to exhaust efforts for peace, before it is too late and we wreck the planet and any chance of decent civilisation prospects. If man doesn’t kill us, then solar flares definitely will.

Drop me a line if you have any views at all about this, or comment on the forums. Don’t forget, this might be the best opportunity you have to get your personal thoughts heard and discussed nationally. Let us be the change we wish to see…