Our Children.


This page is where I will hopefully be able to share and document the encounters with kids/youngsters/youths along the route as ‘Imagine’ tours the United kingdom. After all it is for them, our loving, happy, funny children that we really do anything at all. At least that is what we say don’t we? They are our future and we need to make efforts toward doing something for them, if they are to have one, or our legacy will have nothing bright to look forward to.

I hope that alongside meeting youth from around Britain whilst walking, finding out about their concerns/hopes/dreams, that Imagine can maybe take a hand in encouraging Schools to take a more pragmatic approach towards teaching harmony, peace and love as subjects, or at least have times and places where these can be discussed during the school day curriculum. One day I hope to take a Warrior Bus around Britain to share and show the youth just what has been done on this subject over the centuries, so that they can feel encouraged that more can be done for them, and their futures, and those of their children’s.

I realise that what I ask is nothing short of a miracle, but I still believe in miracles as do children. You have seen Peter Pan right? Fairy tales are what have kept spirits alive for generations and will continue to do so, unless we force our apathy upon them, our dear children. Dare to believe that you can do something extraordinary for your children and future generations, Please…..


Peaceful Warrior