People who do acts of kindness,

randomly or planned.


This section of our website is to be dedicated to people who are seen to be doing acts of random kindness in your areas, or people who do other general acts of kindness that you feel merits our attention and respect. You can nominate people that you think ought to get some recognition for their loving works, by sending us an email, or via the contact section at the bottom of the home page.


From that message we will investigate your story and then possibly add it to this section of the site, under a blog heading so that people can leave messages of gratitude and supportive comments, as another way of recognising that persons contrubution to displaying good and neighbourly care. The person you nominate may not want to be recognised for their acts (some people do it for love and don’t look for glory) (not that we suggest that is the reason they do it of course), so please take this into consideration when you send us your nomination. We wouldn’t want to frighten anyone from continuing their good deeds….



I am certain that what I am suggesting here is nothing new. I believe it was Danny Wallace that began a mission to do an act of random kindness every Friday, and with some great success I hear. There is a show about the secret millionaire who goes in search of people he can help with his money. And one of my favourite radio D.J’s Scott Mills (radio 1) has a habit these days of telling people live on air that he loves them, often random strangers. It makes me laugh of course, but deep down I know that it has lifted my spirits noticably and quite possibly those of others too. So well done to these heralds of a new philosophy to share more kindness with everyone…!! Keep up the good work.



How did you feel when you read the words on this billboard above?

Let the words sink in before you answer, but I venture that like me, you wont need to wait long before realising how good it began to feel. Life is a gift, and we should use it wisely. If we can make just one moment special for someone else, then it will have been worth every day of struggle. Actually I have found, that in the doing of acts of kindness, one becomes more peaceful, more content and definately much more happy. I’m not suggesting that you don’t already do these acts of kindness, clearly they are being done. All I ask is that you go from here with a renewed passion, to let your eyes see the ways in which even simple acts of kind thoughtfulness can make others feel wonderful. It is not the size of the act that counts, but the thought behind it. If our thoughts change, our actions will follow.

We’ll know we’ve learned a lesson when our actions change. Only actions, turns knowledge into wisdom.   (Cherie Carter-Scott)



I look forward to hearing from you, and getting to know about these amazing people who keep our nation one of the leaders in acts of unprovoked kindness.


Peaceful Warrior.