Thank you so very much.


If you have made a donation to one of my elected charities, then thank you from me and on behalf of that charity, I know your money will be put to a very good cause indeed.

If you have been kind enough to donate directly to the project, (Or if you would like to donate to ‘Imagine, walk with a stranger, make a new friend’, CLICK HERE) again thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I could get as few as 2,000 people to contribute just £5 to it, or 10,000 people just £1, or any other donation amount, via the link through Paypal, I would have enough money to be well on my way towards its successful conclusion. Of course any other type of donation will also be greatly appreciated and treasured as one of the proofs, that Imagine can work out for all of our benefits.

In the event that more than the amount needed to begin and complete Imagine is raised, know that it will be used in other ways to further my simple message of Peace through non-violence and harmony between people. I have in mind future projects that can and will benefit many more people through sharing and co-operation. See the list of ideas that have come as a result of opening my eyes to what needs doing within Britain to sponsor more tolerance and better harmony.

Don’t forget, the project Imagine, is for all of us. We can all contribute and benefit from its findings. Ask how you can become further involved with setting up and working with it. Times are changing and we need to change to keep up, or we will be left behind in the ashes of our own destructiveness. Unity is powerful..!!


In advance, thank you so very much for contributing.

  Peaceful Warrior.