Adventures of Peaceful Warrior 2010.


Camino de Santiago, Via de la Plata.

Part of my walk 2010

The Camino 2 begins..

September 2010 and I am traveling with my sister Emma to begin the walk across Spain following the ‘Camino de Santiago’ (Via de la Plata) and extended parts. The journey begins in Tarifa on the south coast of Spain, and is actually the furthest south that one can get in Europe. I then begin to walk with my lil’ sis’ for a couple of days before the pain becomes to much for her. She eventually quits and goes off in search of her own destiny, but I trek ever onwards for over three months. During the walk I am intending to write a book, though have no idea at first what the book will be about, so give it only the title, ‘The book that wrote itself.’ I eventually reach the north coast of Spain, Cabo Estaca de Bares, which is the furthest northerly point on the mainland of Spain.

I begin writing on the first day of the walk 8th September but the book finally becomes finished about three weeks after the walk concludes on the 21st Novermber 2010. I am sitting then, in a cafe/bar called oddly enough Don Quijote in the city of Salamanca. I say oddly enough because this is the very famous¬† story by Cervantes, about a man on a quest. ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha.’

I have the very fortunate experience during the winter to go to Mallorca for three weeks over Xmas and new year, but return to spend time with¬† a whole village of new aquaintances that I had met during my Camino. The villagers of Sanchotello in the region of Salamanca amongst whom are a group of very close friends, who share everything with me and make me very welcome into their lives. I owe a debt of gratitude to them all. I hope that you enjoy all the pictures that I took during this part of my ‘Journey’, as they may give you a clue as to the wonders to be had walking across Spain and receiving the kindnesses from strangers that I had.

I had two simple aims when I set out that September morning. To BE and adventurer, though I guess that I have been doing this anyway all my life, but a real adventurer. A traveller to far flung corners of the world, doing this as my job. And secondly to follow my dream to be a writer, and write a book as I walked/travelled. (Not literally, as the pages would get smudged and dirty) but to devote my life to writing and sharing my thoughts with the world.

After a couple of weeks, I suddenly realised that I had achieved both. O.K. so I’m not making millions at it and few are reading my work yet, but I was/am actually doing what feels right, what fills me with a huge sense of satisfaction. Creating by words from my heart a life devoted to new pursuits and creativity. Poems, songs, books and now even my own website….Wahey….

The reality, was just the difference between dreaming and doing, which is very little indeed. I put my pen to the paper and my feet to the road and hey presto…Magic… The book is available to buy at a small cost, all proceeds from which will go directly to charity, the one you choose from my list. Why not read about the journey and see what it brings to your heart.

Pictures from Camino 2010


(I shall add more a.s.a.p)