Are you able to help?

As this is a completely new project for me and not one I am aware has been tried before, I have no compass by which to get my bearings. I really hope that I have laid out simply and succinctly enough the goals and aims of the project, ‘IMAGINE, walk with a stranger, make a new friend.’

There are a number of way that you will surely be able to help, both practically and supportively. I pray you will see that the aims of the project will benefit everyone in our nation, to help put it back up there once again in the leagues of the formidable. Britain, the nation that once boasted to be ‘Great’ and the ruler of the waves and masters of the seas, should be able to regain that title deservedly, once we the people have had our say and responded to the challenge we set out for her. Let us put the ‘Great’ back into Britain. Let us be the change that will make life a daily pleasure and not just a struggle to survive. If we can do this, greater challenges will fall by the way side, and give us back the pride that is deserved for our efforts. On my own I can do only small things. With your help and support we, the great British team, can win the event of history..!!

It has been true in the past that when we were in a crisis when troubles faced us on all fronts, that we the people got together shelved our differences and fought side by side to accomplish great things with our combined strength. Sadly the events that mostly got us together were those of War. But this year, we have the Olympic games coming to our nations capital and we as a people have the best opportunity for decades to be proud of what we have achieved. Let’s not stop here, let us go on and learn just what will make us stronger and more united, proffering our example to the world.

What I am suggesting here is far greater than the glory of seeing the accomplishments of not only our athletes, who deserve our backing and applause, but those of the great British public. O.K. So maybe I am over stating the obvious, but I for one believe that we can do more to show where our strengths are and how we can improve on our weaknesses.

Please become involved and help to share your talents, views and abilities with us all.


What I need, require and desire.

1. Walking partners.

2. Help with advertising the project to the nation.

3. Some equipment, a supply of footwear and waterproof clothing, for the whole of the project to be completed. I will also need some camera/computer HDSD cards for recording the video footage and storing it

Contributors willing to help the project. Especially documentary makers, fund-raisers, an editor who can help with the book I’ve written to get it into a document ready to sell.

5. Your charitable donations to the charities I support, or your time to volunteer for them in ways that can help them further their remits, and support more people.

6. People willing to put me up for the night, feed me, help with washing my clothes when they are dirty, or financial aid to help me continue and complete the project.

7. Networking with others who see my aims as productive and worthy of support. (Paste a link to my website in your Facebook page etc.) Tell your friends and families.

8. And of course you, the great British public, to share your thoughts aspirations and dreams with the nation via my website forums and associated media.

9. Poets from across the nation to send me stuff to add to my poetry blogs.

10. I want to add a cartoon feature to the website for the younger viewers, so anyone interested and skilled in animation film making etc.

11. And finally, that we all spare a thought for someone less fortunate than ourselves, and maybe do something kind to help them in their situation. ” No greater love has anyone, than they that do a kindness for a stranger.”


Click here if you can support or help with any of these, my present needs and requirements.

In advance I give my sincerest thanks, for your participations.


Peaceful Warrior.