Ask me to Visit

When you’ve had a look at my proposed route and if you would like to walk with me or for Imagine to come by your town/village/school/place of work etc, get in touch by the contact details link (bottom left ¬†of home page) and let’s see if we cant just get together.

If you think that you could offer me a place to stay over night when passing your area, or want Imagine to come and visit something of interest, your School, Church, Hospital, Project then contact me.

Or if you want to introduce me to someone of interest that you wish to praise for their giving and kindness, also drop me line. Remember it is what Imagine is about, the heralding of doers of acts of kindness, giving and charity, as well as finding out what your ideas about the nation are.

Whilst It may be difficult to include every town/city or village during the initial project, I will decide upon these by my intuitions, based upon the messages you send. So be creative..!