What will the walking do ?



As you will have read, I intend to walk as the main instigator for communicating and sharing the time to get to know you. We will hopefully have plenty of time to get to the heart of your thoughts, concerns and hopes for a more ‘United Kingdom’. I hope to be able to learn from you just what you believe will make for a better future for yourselves and those that you love as well as the country as a whole. Being in your company, in your neck of the woods so to speak, I hope to be able to soak up the spirit of what makes you tick, and the dreams that you have. I hope to come to better understand just what life is like for people in your area of Britain and how that compares ¬†in your understanding as good or bad in relation to the rest of us. Then I hope to show without judgement, this view to the rest of Britain who I’m sure can learn from this information. Whatever each one of us takes from it will be a personal matter, but ¬†hopefully it will open all our eyes to what might be able to make it better for everyone. Whether that be a political solution or a cultural one, we will hopefully all be better equipped to deal with changing our present ideas and understandings of how we got to be where we are socially, culturally, religiously and politically, if the stories reveal a need to.

I am not expecting you to be super fit, I am far from that myself, I am sure it will be more of a pleasant stroll than a race or marathon event. But you will need to be able to make the arrangements for the route we take through your neighbourhood and travel arrangements to return to your home as you wish.

I am rather hoping that we could either walk to your home if you have offered me a bed for the night, from the previous walking partners house/town. Or the opposite, walk from your town/home to the next venue.

If you want your story to be told to the rest of Britain (later the world), then please request to be a part of this project. Simply send me an email outlining why you would like to be included and what you hope that it will do for you.

I am very much looking forward to meeting with people who you consider to be rich with the fruits of kindness, if you particularly think that person deserves some recognition for their deeds. The feel good factor from the rest of the country seeing and hearing about their selflessness will surely be like the kind of news we don’t get often enough from the current news media channels. But it is one of my aims to redress this imbalance, with a feature on the website, for such doers of fine works.

I am planning to begin the walk in the late spring early summer. No dates have yet been set, as some other things need to be in place ahead of those final decisions. I need to raise enough money to complete the project without totally relying on generosity, though it would be great if that were going to be possible. A heroine of mine, Peace pilgrim, did just that taking her faith to the very wire. Back in the 50′s crossing America it was possibly far more daring than I am being here.

But be sure that I will be setting out, if it is the last thing that I do, and you can share the journey with me. Let’s make some history together….