Saving the World


My name is Peaceful Warrior, and I am going to try to save the world…!


This statement will no doubt cast a thought of concern over my sanity. To save something (The World) infers that I believe that there is something inherently wrong with it. In the truest of terminology I realise and accept that the world is the way it is, full stop.

Can I do something to change it? I am doing…! Just as each and everyone of us does, when we do exactly what we do in our lives, be that good or bad, proactive or negative towards change. Change it is none the less what we all do….

If you read this statement above and felt it absurd, then you may have been the victim of my attempt to challenge the thinking patterns that are in our world, that actually work against positive change. I make no criticism or judgement  more than to mention it, I simply tried to bring the topic to the table for debate, and headline the issue which faces us all, every day of our lives. Can we go on this way, without bringing an end to our species.

I cannot save the world, no-one person can. BUT,  we can do it together….!!!!

And I can hope to be a part of the movement towards re-addressing the debate

If you felt it worthy of a consideration, then get outa here back to the main project, and see what you/we can do together to attempt this great shift in global/national and personal consciousness.



If not, then I am sorry to have wasted your time with such unimportant trivia. Go from here, with my thanks and love for coming to view my webpages. Visit this other worthy site, which demonstrates the lack of need for change.

Other worthy page.


And feel free to come back at any time, if you find the thought pops back into your mind, that you need to get the peace you indeed crave to see life improve for everyone. I don’t have all or any of the answers, but I know that WE do. Sharing is the key to saving our world.

Many hugs and loads of love.

Peaceful Warrior.